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An exploration in process

SaturnHex is the design duo of Victoria & Julian in Phoenix, Arizona. Between the two of them, their skills cover a number of disciplines, including 2D/3D art, design, fabrication, facilitation, and design thinking.

Julian’s passion is in woodworking, design, and education.

Victoria’s passion is in illustration, storytelling, and facilitation.

As much as possible, their focus for SaturnHex’s products is to oversee as much of the design process from ideation to finished product.

Be Sustainable. Be equitable

SaturnHex is dedicated to craft.

We are members of marginalized groups; indigenous Pacific Islander, Black, and Latinx, and it is at the forefront of our minds that our products be accessible, functional, and representative of good work ethics from the vendors we support and purchase from, to the sustainability of the entire design process (from idea to manufacturing to product delivery to a customer.) Aspiring to achieve those goals means being conscientious of our shared environment.

What we are doing:

  • All packaging and shipping components are being transitioned to sustainable products. This includes mailers.
  • Switching to non-toxic and safe for the environment inks
  • Supporting local suppliers and vendors when possible and those whose values reflect theirs.
  • Purchasing garments from humane and safe manufacturing facilities